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/aˈpe.ri.oː/ : to uncover, lay bare, reveal, make clear 




Suitcase: The Untold Story of Evelyn Dick 

-Sex, Murder, Intrigue- 


Get an intimate look inside the mind of Hamilton's own legendary criminal as she reflects on her relationship with John Dick, how it came to ashes, and what she plans to do next. This is Evelyn as you’ve never seen her before

. -A blend of fact and imagination-


Featured in the Hamilton Fringe Gallery mini-Series 


SPACE: b contemporary @226 James St. North 


About Suitcase:


Suitcase is a creation that explores a proposed psyche of a local woman who took the Hamilton Street Railway and socialized at the Royal Connaught. An imagined truth rooted in fact, this is one answer to why Evelyn killed her infant  and husband - I hope you enjoy this exploration of what might have been as much as I enjoyed finding it.


Despite the years past (68 to be exact) the story of Evelyn Dick is told time and again. Her life and crimes still appear in The Hamilton Spectator, are the focus of plays, TV-movies, books and documentaries. Her life and crimes remain in the pulse of this historic city, imploring even its current citizens to recall what occurred in 1946, and wonder how a beautiful, 26 year old Hamiltonian could commit such terrible crimes.



Suitcase was originally presented as a“Junior Project” at Sheridan/UTM’s Theatre and Drama Studies Program. A“Junior Project” is a “trial by fire” in which actors in the Theatre and Drama Studies Program present a piece that challenges them to push boundaries and embrace their fears. Telling Evelyn Dick's story honestly and without judgment was a challenging and fearsome task, making it a perfect choice for such a project. This piece is a result of days pouring over history, amazing mentorship, wonderful support, and of course - play.


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